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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 28, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman. if you love the best videos of the day, we've got them "right this minute." ♪ going to prom in a helicopter can only be described one way. >> baller, baller, baller. >> why this grand entrance did not go as planned. a firefighter enters an abandon well a 6 -year-old girl falls down too. what happens when the rescuer needs rescued too.
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what is this dance? the trend making people smile, well, most people. and a fireworks display that -- >> goes off a little early. >> why that didn't spoil the fun. when you're showing up to your prom, you know, in high school, you smoe how up in styl? like in "21 jump street." check up the two 18-year-olds showing up in their matrix van, which is prom in south africa, they take this chopper to show up to the matrix dance at the fatherland e estate. baller. they got to the dance safe and sound, but there was a hicc uup. >> power lines. >> oh, they snap one! >> it cut the electricity for
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the place where the prom, the matrix dance was to happen. >> so now the dj can't hook up the equipment, no music irgs no dance. >> the prom mugs go on, and they did have the dance because people brought generators and repowered the place so the dance was saved. >> who was flying this thing? >> well, that's the thing, there was a pilot who was aware of the powerlines, and if you notice, in parts of the video, people are trying to direct him. pupils said they were trying to assist the power lines, but it's possible he mistook them for directions saying, oh, land right here instead of, like, watch the power lines. prom 2015, no aircraft. >> just show up on bikes. i think the people will look in their wells after this incident. a 6-year-old girl fell down one,
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about 60 feet down, lowered a firefighter thin enough to wiggle down there to get the girl. he did. when he did, there was low oxyg oxygen. he was dizzy in the rescue. he was able to get the girl. >> how was she doing? that's hard to survive. >> she did survive, just a few scratches. >> such an easy space to fall in. they have to cover it up. >> she's so small. there's no way she wouldn't not have been able to fall in there. >> a guy heard a duck screaming because in this duck, 12 ducklings. her babies were in the drain. that he couldn't get them out so the guys executed a rescue. they have a pool net, a skimmer, and that does not work, so what do you think they used? a duck pan. >> oh, man. all huddled together. >> why are they all going
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together? one fell, the rest followed. >> just scoop them out. >> these are little, little, little. >> more than very little, like little to the third. >> when they are out, mom's like, okay, let's go. they had not got the last one out, and mom starme started to but he caught up. >> then she stops, like, oh, i was waiting for you. >> two videos of two different races. close calls, but no crashes. in this video, we see all the cars rev the engines and start the silverstone international 2014 race. they get very close. looks like that guy bumps the guy in the blue car, just a little bit, all good. >> i like the cars in the race, cool looking. >> the guy we're with is james rogers, number 69. right now to him, number 4, is
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ben schwartz. watch what ben does when they are next to each other. he reached over and clutches the side view mirror. can that be legal strategy? as soon as ben does that, james gives him a thumb's up, and in the description of theed video, it says, a decent start and helping hands which means that it was actually a good thing. >> maybe they don't need that side view mirror. >> it's possible this was friendly banter on the track. >> a high speed prank. >> yeah. check this out. this is downhill racing on a bike right now. this is a very popular trail in greece called the tanka trail, but look what happens. >> oh! >> poor little fellow. >> holy smokes, was that a close call as the rider goes over the wooden ramp and lands -- that sheep is next to him.
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unfortunately, barely missing him. it was just a brush. >> glad he didn't land on the sheep, but if you have to pick an animal to land on, sheep is the best one. >> unless you're the sheep. >> i'm not condoning. >> ready? >> i wish that everyone who worked for a company, any company, had this much faith in the product they are selling. this is the video put together by bissel canada. this fellow, senior product manager, brings the biss -- >> no, he's beginning to eat off of it. oh, no. >> no! no! no! >> if you do look at it, that one square looks lighter. >> there's a little more to this story. we dug a little bit deeper.
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it's not quite the subway station that we think that it is. this is actually the bay lower station in toronto, and it was only open for six months after it opened in 1966, so it's been closed since about the mid-60s, and only used as a training ground and filming location so the people there not actually people waiting on a subway. more than likely, aare actors, extras, people paid to be there for the ad, but we do believe this senior product manager did, n., still use the bissle to clean the floor of the space, but it's not the same, gross subway floor we initially thought it was. >> i wish it was in a real subway because the reactions of the people there we would know are genuine. >> i think he would react like they did, like the actors. you would be grossed out. >> you wouldn't need to pay me
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to act. no. ♪ it's a flight full of force. >> oh! so crazy. >> look at him, you can tell there's force on him because he's not just going, oh, but he has pressure on him. >> go for a spin next. and it's call the bean boozele challenge. >> they take a 50/50 chance on which one. one picks one, the other picks the other. >> see how it plays out. female announcer: through monday,
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zplnchts like us on stay in touch all day long. now, back to the show. suit up, strap in, hold on, and we're going for a ride with the u.s. navy blue angels. we're riding in the cockpit with a guy also taking a ride. >> oh, a cool shot. >> because you can see the formation. >> yeah. >> oh! >> looks so crazy. >> you can see the force on him because he's not just going, oh. >> my buddy, dave anderson, a pilot in the air force, what he's doing is antig maneuvers to counterforce the g's so the heart keeps pumping blood to the
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brain so they do not pass out. >> sounds lodgical to me. amazing the stuff they execute, and see this from this angle is cool because you can just see the plane, like, you can read the numbers on the plane right next to it. >> how do they do that? so close. >> did the win move, flew to the side, just like confetti, like something fell ourt of the boat. >> exactly. celebrating they were flying by. >> you can see the gopro. >> this is actually really, really cool and he has nice teeth. >> i love how you got up ahead, the one catching up, just assumes position just as easy as, you know, putti inting brea the shelf. >> this is your job, this is what you do, is anything else in life exciting? entertaining your kids?
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so incredibly easy. this first video, all you have to do is eat ramen. there's nothing better than a baby laugh. it's remarkable the baby's sense of humor, what they find funny. >> the dad does look goofy with the noodles in his mouth and the noise. i can see why it's funny. now they justave nd, bought out because when the kid's crying, get the ramen. >> just make more noodles, honey, just make the noodles. >> i can't get over it. watch this. this is fun. when you want to entertain your kids, just use the jelly bean challenge. >> barf or peach?
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>> a 50/50 chance, one takes one, and one takes the other. >> dad got barf. >> multicheese or caramel corn. >> i don't know if this was a setup because it looks like dad keeps getting all the bad ones. >> licorice or skunk spray. >> i don't want it. >> those are awful. i don't want either one. >> that's where he says, not this one. >> i'm telling you, this kid knows what he's doing. >> he knows the jelly beans. ♪ >> ladies, close your eyes for a second. listen to this. tell me that does not sound like goofy. >> you can open your eyes. look at this. this is not something that goofy would be doing. >> oh, no.
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>> oh, my gosh! >> opened his hand. >> except it goes off. look at it in slow motion. goes off a little early. and then there was not just one explosion. >> oh, my gosh! >> that is not follow-up unny. >> i would not laugh either. we reached out to the guys, they did a practice run with the firework, but without lighting it, and when they lit it, it exploded faster than they thought. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's funny. >> i could listen to that laugh all day. >> oh, my god! >> a cookie eating contest with a twist. >> oh! >> not expecting that. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, seven tips to
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tech time for the smart phone photographer in us all. offer tips on how to make photos better. >> don't have your thumb in front of the lens. >> good tip. >> right. >> there's others out there. >> okay. >> our zach knows all of them. >> hey, zach. >> hello. >> tell us how to be better photographers. >>? coming to us from cooperative of photography, seven cool tips to take cooler, different pictures with your smart phone. >> okay. >> the first one is the dash. you take a panorama shot on the
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camera, and you can get a person in the panorama. >> that's cool. >> all you have to do is dash behind who takes the picture. you can use the pan camera driving down the street, fake a panorama, get cool shots of the street and scenery around you. >> cool. >> use binoculars, put the phone up, get a long zoom. >> this works? >> totally does. i tested it. took shots of the moon with this technique. >> that's cool. >> next a lens by dropping water on top of the camera, stays on there because o the surface, and lets you take macro sh of t. >> no way. >> cool shots of the spider. >> won't hurt the phone? >> won't as long as you clean it after.
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this is what you put in the car to block the sun, use it as a reflector so if you take portraits, you get better lighting. >> bounce card. >> yeah. next up, card board, plug in the iphone headphones and press the plus button. >> like a remote control. >> these are no arm selfie. >> this is the best tip. >> last one. you can take pictures underwater without going buying a water proof case. put it in a glass tub and take a picture under the water. >> that's cool. >> i'm amanda, and we're about to go strancing. >> what to know what dancing with strangers is? >> like going to the club. >> it's called strancing. something amanda stern came up with, a former play mate. ♪
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>> okay. it's like ambush dancing. she's like backing it up. >> yeah, but i mean, if amanda and the other super hot friends come up to you, you will not run away. >> you just call it a good day. >> they don't have a sense of humor in the apple store. >> no. they didn't have the appointment. >> you have to make an appointment, and it was not the most genius thing they had seen in their life. >> oh! ♪ >> oh! it's a dance off, y'all. ♪ >> i do love how fabulous that lady is. >> wow. >> stole the show. >> they got out danced.
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it's billy bang versus jake the wolfman wilson. why this backyard wrestling match is one to watch. >> and the crowd goes wild. what the?
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>> good old-fashioned backyard wrestling for you guys. i love this video because it reminds me of my chill hootd. first dream? pro wrestler, but i did not make it there because i'm 5'9". this is twrf introduced to the crowd, billy bang. >> bang bang! >> billy bang accompany by bert bang who is a little bang up at this point in time. i want to point out in there, please keep in mind we as a federation are a work in
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before e d theve only seen time of the video so cut them some slack. next, chase, the wolfman, wilson. >> the match starts right off the bat, billy goes in, working on the wolfman's leg until you get some good old-fashioned knife edge champs. >> oh, there is a crowd here too. eventually, it's set up perfectly to be taken out. there he goes. now before you know it, the wolfman's got a trash can on his head, and the bang brothers, really, that's the name, hitting him with the crutches there, but at the end here,le wolfman takes the trash can to the face, goes to the corner out of the camera
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shot, got blood going, that's what happens. there's the blood, and then finally, you wouldn't believe it, but the wolfman actually wins this match to the approval of the roaring crowd. there's the bell. the crowd goes wild. i'd like to have a shot in the trwf. >> this is a well planned fight. >> right. that's all for "rtm," everybody. that's all for "rtm," everybody. we'll see you next time.
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hey, everybody, i'm beth troutman. great videos from the web are coming your way "right this minute." ♪ a schoolgirl's backpack gets her trapped under a train. >> drags her 50 yards. >> see how a crowd came together for a miracle rescue. of course the driver goes after a bus driver. >> that apple dumpling he threw. >> why it's not the only thing. >> a woman parks herself on a guy's ride. >> sat down talking on the phone.


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